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A1 Tune and Lube
A1 Tune and Lube

A1 Tune and Lube


1441 W. 6th St. Suite 101
Corona, CA 92882

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Auto Diagnostics Corona

Diagnostic Inspection, Engine Light

  • Car Running Rough?
  • Service Engine Soon?
  • Engine Light On?
  • Tire Pressure Monitors?
  • ABS / SRS / Airbag Light?
Diagnostic Check Corona Proper diagnostic goes deeper than just being able to pull codes. Having an educated and comprehensive background in automotice is essential along with having the latest diagnostic equipment and software. At A1 Tune and Lube we use the latest software from Mitchell1 and the latest Scanners and Labscopes from Snap On Tools. We have the background and tools to properly diagnose your Import, Domestic, European and Diesel vehicles. Feel free to give us a call fr all your diagnostic needs. In most cases our diagnostic fees can be applied to your repairs should you decide to repair your vehicle at our facility.

We can handle any type of diagnostic whether it is a : Check Engine Light, ABS Light, Brake Light, Tire Pressure Monitor Light, Battery Light, Coolent Light, Airbag/SRS Light, Electrical problem or Mechanical problem.

The most common symtoms of a check engine light condition are as follows:

Check Engine light is on, engine cranks but won't start

Engine runs poorly, hesitates, stalls or gets poor gas mileage

Check Engine light is on but vehicle runs well

Recommended Evaluation:
Complete test of vehicle's ignition and fuel systems, fuel pressure test, compression and block tests. Scan test including extracting codes. Interpret results and provide custom with a recap evaluation and recommended solution.

We can do all of this and much more!

We have competitive pricing and look forward to serving you.

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